16 09 2009

If I had the chance, I’ll take you somewhere, kneel down on one leg in my suit and with you there in your bridal gown, I hold your hand, professing my love for you. Do dreams come true?

I Love You

6 Language Of The Sentence iloveyou

1st – I Love You ( English )

2nd – 我爱你 ( Chinese )

3rd – 사랑해요 ( Korean )

4th – 私は愛する ( Japanese )

5th – Te Quiero ( Spanish )

6th – Ti Amo ( Italian )


31 08 2009

na na na na hey, na na na na hey
hey hey hey
na na na na hey, na na na na hey,
hey hey hey


30 08 2009

How do you describe a feeling that comes and goes?

Perhaps the word “fuck” would be ideal.

Yeah bitch, I’m fucked. I’m a fucker. Come fuck me.

Somehow, I got a feeling that I’m hiding from something. I’m scared. I need protection.

Who do I turn to, or WHAT do I turn to, when I need a shoulder, a pair of ears, or maybe a warm hug.

I’m tired. I want to sleep. I don’t wanna study.

Fuck this procratinator blogging right now.

Fuck me.

Knocked Down;

27 08 2009

I never thought I’d be in love like this
When I look at you my mind goes on a trip
Then you came in, and knocked me on my face
Feels like in I’m a race
But I already won first place


24 08 2009


Couple of hours more before DBMS paper.

What am I doing? Oh my, blogging.

Danny you’re so fuckin’ awesome. You don’t even study, how’d you pass your fuckin’ paper?

You’re screwed. You’re damn screwed.

The Best Thing Bout Tonight..

23 08 2009

could it be that we’ve been this way before?


22 08 2009

When love/friendship feels like a battlefield…

How do you voice out your feelings, when deep inside, you feel bottled up.

Something’s pressing against you. So hard you could hardly suppress it.

Friends, Brothers, Studies, Money, Romance.

What particular order should come first.

I’m confused. I’m stumped. Someone enlighten me please.

I need help. Urgently, quickly. Before I really suffer a mental breakdown.

Who do I approach?